Apply for a Cape Fear Memorial Foundation Grant

Step 1 Eligibility Quiz:

To see if your organization is eligible to receive a grant from CFMF, use the following link to create a Log In ID and complete the Eligibility Quiz. The Eligibility Quiz must be completed for each new request. The Eligibility Quiz will lead to Step 2 – Letter of Inquiry, if your organization is eligible.

Eligibility Quiz (January 2023 Grant Cycle):

Eligibility Quiz

Hint: Have the organization Tax ID ready

Step 2 Letter of Inquiry:

An organization seeking a grant must first submit an online Letter of Inquiry (LOI) in order to be considered for the application process. Letters of Inquiry are due by 5pm on the deadline dates. The LOI requires:

  • Organization and Contact Information (1st tab)
  • Organizational Background (2nd tab)
  • Project/Program Request Information (3rd tab)
  • Board List with Officers noted (attachment required)
  • Organizational Chart (attachment required)

Step 3 Foundation Review:

A committee of Board members and staff review the Letters of Inquiry. Organizations invited to apply will receive a link via email to access the online Grant Application. Projects that do not fall within Foundation Guidelines will receive a declination letter. The Foundation limits its funding of Human Service projects, which may affect an organization’s ability to apply from one cycle to the next.

Step 4 Application:

Organizations invited to apply must submit the online Application by 5 pm on the deadline date. Please direct application questions to Mrs. Sara Benton at or call the Foundation office at (910) 452-0611.

Step 5 Foundation Application Review:

Applications are reviewed and presented to the Board for evaluation. Organizations may be contacted to schedule a meeting or site visit before final decisions are made.

Step 6 Foundation Final Decisions:

Applications are presented to the Board for final decision. The Foundation attempts to contact all applicants the day final decisions are made.

Step 7 Contracts:

Organizations will receive original contracts (2) signed by the Foundation President. One original contract is to be signed by the organization’s Board Chair, only original signatures will be accepted, and returned to the Foundation Office. The other contract is for the organization’s records

Step 8 Grant Payments:

Grant payments are disbursed on April 15th or October 15th. The Foundation will not release payment until the signed contract with an original signature by the Board Chair has been received.

Step 9 Final Reports:

A final report will be due 1 year and 1 month after all grant payments.

Check here for grant deadlines