Cape Fear Memorial Foundation is a private, non-operating foundation located in Wilmington, North Carolina. Its primary purpose is to serve the health and medical needs of the people of Southeastern North Carolina. It supports charitable not-for-profit organizations providing health and medical services and health education.

Cape Fear Memorial Foundation was founded in 1996 when Cape Fear Memorial Hospital was sold after serving the community for 40 years. Dr. R.T. Sinclair, Jr., one of the hospital's founders, envisioned a foundation as a way to continue the hospital's philosophy of caring. Indeed the Foundation's motto "Dedicated to Advancing God's Desire for Our Healing and Health" speaks clearly of the dedication of a community-minded board and staff brought together by Dr. Sinclair. Today, Cape Fear Memorial Foundation continues to help meet the health and medical needs of the community.

The Foundation does no fundraising. After receiving its initial assets of $45 million from Cape Fear Memorial Hospital the Foundation board began a prudent investment and granting strategy. Growth in assets and effective granting is expected to allow for continued and increased granting efforts into the future.

A Message From Our Chairman

Thank you for visiting our website. We encourage you to visit all the pages and note changes to both the Board of Directors and procedures made in the past year. Additionally, we urge you to contact the Foundation office with your questions or comments.

Since Cape Fear Memorial Foundation was established in 1996, it has invested over $40million in promoting the health and self-sufficiency of the people of Southeastern North Carolina. We are grateful for the over 190 non-profit service providers with whom we have partnered. In the most recent fiscal year, we awarded nearly $3.1 million with 40 organizations in our service area. At the present time, we anticipate that funding levels will be approximately $2.5 million per year for the foreseeable future.

Thank you for your interest in Cape Fear Memorial Foundation and your service to the community. We look forward to reviewing your request and wish you success in the coming year.